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Adopted 2019 FTIP

The Federal Transportation Improvement Program (FTIP) is a listing of multi-modal transportation projects proposed over a six-year period for the SCAG region. The projects include highway improvements, transit, rail and bus facilities, high occupancy vehicle lanes, active transportation, signal synchronization, intersection improvements, freeway ramps, etc. SCAG produces a biennial FTIP update for the region on an even-year cycle.

The FTIP is prepared to implement projects and programs listed in the Regional Transportation Plan / Sustainable Communities Strategy (RTP/SCS) and is developed in compliance with state and federal requirements. The six County Transportation Commissions (Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ventura) in the SCAG region have the responsibility under State law of proposing their county program, using current RTP/SCS policies, programs, and projects as a guide, from among submittals by cities and local agencies. The locally prioritized lists of projects are forwarded to SCAG for review. From their lists, SCAG develops the FTIP based on consistency with the current RTP/SCS, inter-county connectivity, financial constraint and conformity determination.

Learn more, download the FTIP factsheet.